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Coating Application

Improve performance and assembly

Lauren’s various coating options serve as a value-added process for assembly aid, and reducing noise, wear, and abrasion. Lauren has the capability to coat entire sheets, or a localized area on each part – a cost savings that our customers can enjoy.

Performance Coatings

Lauren offers multiple coatings for your specific application requirements. For seals used within a cyclical application, Lauren offers black and clear performance coatings. The coating provides abrasion resistance, which is uniquely suited for reducing noise, wear and abrasion.

  • Reduction in coefficient of friction
  • Long-term durability
  • Available in clear & black
  • No free silicone that could affect paint systems

Assembly Aid Coating 

For assembly aid needs, Lauren offers silicone emulsion or a dry low friction coating.

  • Reduction in coefficient of friction
  • Significantly improves installation time/efforts
  • Available in clear
  • No free silicone that could affect paint systems


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