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Dual Durometer Seals

Engineered For Your Application

Our expert engineers can work with you to design a dual-durometer or coextruded seal.

Coextruded products combine two or more materials through a single die with two or more cavities arranged so that the extrusions merge and weld together into one structure. Lauren co-extrudes EPDM, silicone and plastic into a variety of shapes to form a consistent cross section.


Dual durometer extrusions are versatile & serve a variety of purposes.

Most often, the harder material serves as means of attachment, and the softer compound completes the seal. Sometimes, however, co-extruding polymers is done for cosmetic purposes. There are many ways to get creative when designing a dual durometer seal. See just some of our custom designed dual durometers below.

iDea® Seal Technology

From production output to improved testing results, iDea® Seal technology was designed to improve every aspect of a window and door sealing application. The iDea® Seal’s co-polymer design will benefit window and door manufacturers through reduced labor and manufacturing costs, while providing a superior seal. These benefits are a result of the seal’s rigid base, which allows for easy slide-in channel installation during assembly, and the EPDM bulb, which offers excellent compression set with a broad temperature range.

  • Energy Efficient EPDM
  • Non-Stretch Material
  • Excellent Compression Set
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy Channel Installation
  • Broad Temp Range
  • Silicone Compatible EPDM
  • Labor Savings
  • *Available in EPDM 70 Durometer and Sponge 2A2 EPDM
  • *Custom and standard profiles available



Silicone Dual Durometer

When the application calls for superb compression set, weatherability, and functionality, silicone will do the job.  Lauren has the expertise to extrude two silicone materials into one unique profile, offering a great fit and excellent compression within the application.

Continuous Corner Seal

An engineered solution to help solve one of the biggest problems in the industry!

The most leak susceptible area in any gasket system is at the corners. Lauren engineers provide a solutions to help solve one of the biggest problems in the industry!

Lauren Manufacturing has designed continuous seals to wrap a corner. Coupling the right material with the perfect design is key for this application. Lauren has designed these seals to have the right amount of compression necessary to provide a tight seal, yet still be able to round a corner to minimize leaks.

*Custom and standard profiles available



Door Seal

Lauren’s Dual Durometer Door Seal offers a high performance sealing solution for entry door systems. Known for its natural UV resistance, superior compression set, and excellent weathering resistance, the door seal is co-extruded using closed cell EPDM sponge and dense materials. Our low-friction performance coating is applied to the material, offering abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction.

*Custom and standard profiles available
*Manufacturers are responsible for system testing.


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