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Custom Plastic Extrusions

Our Michigan plastic extrusion facility specializes in versatile, engineered solutions.

Custom plastic extrusion is the process of forcing melted material through a die to form a consistent cross section.  The component is then cooled and may undergo a wide-range of additional processes such as drilling, die-cutting or assembly.

Compatible materials may be co-extruded to create dual- or tri-durometer extrusions that offer dynamic performance properties. Materials can range from common PVC compounds to engineered TPEs, which have physical properties that resemble rubber.

As part of a comprehensive approach to the extrusion manufacturing process, our engineers evaluate all aspects of product development.

Take a look inside our plastic extrusion operations below or explore our case studies to see how we can support your next project.




Rubber and plastic can have many overlapping performance properties. Aesthetics, pricing, rigidity, compression set and ease of extrusion are among the factors engineers consider when deciding between these materials. Explore all the options and determine which is best for your needs.



Engineered plastic was used to create this flexible, dual-durometer component. The result was cost savings and a reduction in part weight. See more with Lauren’s 360 product viewer.



In this example, a plastic extrusion is bonded to a rubber seal to improve part installation. See more with Lauren’s 360 product viewer.



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Plastic extrusion materials in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Materials and Design

Lauren’s plastic capabilities cover a variety of materials and industry specifications across many markets. This includes dense or sponge thermoplastic elastomers, rigid and flexible PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene and more.

Our engineers work directly with customers to optimize the design and manufacturing processes to achieve cost-effective solutions.

Markets and Applications

Our experience in custom plastic extrusion has been applied to applications ranging from automotive, RV, off-road and motorcycles to HVAC, construction, alternative energy and consumer products. With extensive value-added capabilities, we can enhance the function and appeal of your product.

Our custom and standard sealing solutions are used by many major window and door manufacturers across the United States and Canada.  For the transportation industry, we help enhance products ranging from head lamps and interior seals to slip-coated exterior seals.

Lauren’s engineers have experience with the most demanding automotive applications. Whether meeting tight tolerances, PPAP requirements or industry specs, we are a trusted partner for top automotive manufacturers, tier suppliers and aftermarket companies.

Visit our POP website to learn more about our point-of-purchase solutions.


Lauren stands out because of its ability to deliver a wide range of integrated manufacturing capabilities to solve customer problems. This includes dual-durometer extrusions, which are perfect for applications that require high-performance sealing. A “soft” portion delivers excellent sealing properties while a rigid material provides options for easy attachment.

Lauren creates rigid profiles using continuous extrusion as well as injection molding. High-quality rigid products provide the best solutions for applications that require complex profiles, structured support and more. Our design engineers can customize profiles and our die shop provides tooling for a wide array of rigid products.

To learn about additional design and processing capabilities, such as slip coating, cutting, lamination and much more, contact your sales representative.


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Extruded plastic part at Spring Lake, Michigan

Extruded plastic quality control at Spring Lake, Michigan

Plastic extrusion production line at Spring Lake, Michigan

Extruded plastic component

Our Facilities

With custom rubber extrusion facilities in Ohio and plastic operations in Michigan, Lauren provides customers access to extensive manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of materials and applications.

From compound development through LMI Custom Mixing to design and process engineering, we are a trusted partner for leading OEMs, designers and builders. Download our Corporate Overview .

Location: 17155 Van Wagoner Rd, Spring Lake, MI 49456


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