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Clip-on Seals

Designed To Your Specifications

Lauren Manufacturing clip-on seals far outperform the others on the market. As with all Lauren profiles, our clip-on seals are highly engineered products made with custom materials.

Custom Clip On Seals and Custom Edge Trim Seals

They easily clip on to exposed edges, keeping the elements out and our are designed for tough applications.

They are ideal for sunroofs, OEM automotive door sealing systems, hospital equipment, electrical enclosures, industrial cabs, cargo handling and aerospace.

Our diverse material offerings and process capabilities allows us to be creative and flexible in designing the products to your specification.


Lauren vs. the Competition

  • Smooth and aesthetically pleasing
  • Superior flexibility
  • Chemically bonded, dual durometer extrusion
  • Fully encapsulated non-corrosive wire carrier
  • Wide variety of uses
The Competition
  • Rough industrial appearance
  • Difficult to contour
  • Mechanically bonded, PVC plastic
  • Corrosion-prone metal spring
  • Only light applications

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