Renewable Energy

Lauren offers a full range of materials and custom solutions for Renewable Energy applications.

Our innovative solutions improve performance and sealing characteristics against conditions such as friction, wear, and high pressure operations, giving our products lasting durability.

Through our experience, expertise and competence, we will find or develop the optimum solution for every application.


Working with energy partners leverages our expertise in engineering design, compound development and manufacturing efficiencies across a diversified field of applications. Some of those applications include:

Solar Panels

Ground and Roof mounts and isolators, soft mount pads, panel isolator, molded grommets, perimeter seals, recycled soft-mount pads, elastomeric seals and gaskets

Wind Turbines

Custom seals, custom gaskets, o-rings, molded grommets, overmolding 

Ground & Roof Mounts

Lauren Manufacturing provides a wide variety of custom isolators for steel fabricators, PV panel manufacturers and PV panel installers. The typical isolator is designed to protect the PV panel glass from the mounting clip used in a racking system. The isolator slides into a channel and clamps around the glass to serve as a vibration dampener to preserve the quality of the PV panel.

Lauren provides high performance products that exceed industry standards for weatherability and are a part of systems designed to last 25 years or more. Customers benefit from our engineering support through state-of-the-art materials, FEA capabilities, custom designs and value added operations. Our engineering staff works directly with you to ensure proper performance for any project.

Soft Mount Pads

Lauren Manufacturing has designed Soft Mount Pads to be compatible with many commercial rooftop membranes. The product combines two materials that create a barrier (or cushion) between a roof top and racking system. The pad is able to conform to the roof top surface but still remain durable due to the tough Expanded Polypropylene material. To supply extra support for the racking system, the product is also produced with a resilient material that is 100% recycled rubber. This Soft Mount Pad is light weight, yet durable due to the unique combination of materials, which also significantly reduces labor and installation time. Other benefits of this product include its cost effectiveness, UV stable properties and durability. The products featured below can be customized to your application needs.





Ground and Roof Mounts



Soft Mount Pads


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