LMI Custom Mixing Enters New Markets

CAMBRIDGE, OHIO October 19, 2010 LMI Custom Mixing was originally founded in 1997 to exclusively service its joint venture partners Lauren International and Meteor Gummiwerke. Over the years, LMI has developed into a world-class producer of polymer compounds, specializing in high-quality, custom materials. In 2007, an initiative to expand LMI's capabilities came to fruition with the addition of a $5 million mixing system that doubled capacity, followed shortly after by a $1.2 million upgrade to the original mixing line. These investments have enabled LMI to expand its capabilities and capa


"Lauren International and Meteor Gummiwerke have invested in LMI to increase our capacity, enabling us to bring our technical expertise and state-of-the-art mixing capabilities to new markets," said Jim Nixon, general manager, LMI Custom Mixing. "We have upgraded our technology and implemented lean processes that have prepared us for continued expansion without sacrificing the quality and high level of service our customers expect."

LMI offers expertise in a wide range of customized materials, including technical grade rubber, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), sponge compounds, molding compounds and more. The company's technical lab provides added value with development and prototyping capabilities that help customers quickly qualify replacement materials during shortages and bring new products to market faster.

"The economy has reduced the availability and supply of raw materials over the past couple of years, creating a bottle neck in the supply chain," Nixon said. "Our rapid prototyping capabilities have proven invaluable as customers strive to ramp up and meet increasing demands. We can quickly provide the data needed to evaluate and create new materials that consistently meet the necessary requirements."

Additionally, the lean processes implemented by Nixon and his team have further poised LMI for expansion into new markets. The company has added a fully integrated control system for recipe management, machine control, planning and scheduling and inventory control, allowing the company to quickly react and ensure a seamless supply chain for customers. Other lean initiatives have also helped LMI add value, including raw material kanban systems, kaizen workshops, mistake proofing, pull production systems and just-in-time delivery.

"Lean manufacturing is relatively rare in the world of custom mixing LMI is an exception to the rule," Nixon said. "Our lean processes allow us to be flexible and quickly react to the needs of our customers. A great asset we added a few years ago is our own straight truck that allows us to pick up and deliver materials throughout Central and Northeast Ohio, helping us achieve a true just-in-time business model for optimal production and cost efficiencies."

According to Nixon, LMI's capabilities, capacity and lean manufacturing initiatives provide superior quality control and the flexibility necessary for custom material applications.

"We have hands-down the best quality control available in the market today," he said. "We look forward to bringing these capabilities to new markets. This is an exciting new era for LMI."

For more information on LMI Custom Mixing, visit www.lmimix.com or call 740.435.0444.

About LMI Custom Mixing

A joint venture between Lauren International and Meteor Gummiwerke of Germany, LMI Custom Mixing puts the finest quality polymers at the fingertips of all Lauren International subsidiaries. LMI Mixing strives to stay at the forefront of the polymer industry, persistently developing compounds that replace old methods and help move industries in new directions. As a vertically integrated source, LMI provides all Lauren International subsidiaries with the custom compound polymers they need to engineer the best parts for customers. Contact LMI at 740-435-0444, fax 740-435-0909, URL: www.lmimix.com

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