Lauren Manufacturing Smart Solutions: January 2009

Will your application be exposed to high temperature? No problem. Need an application for an electrical component? Come see us. Need color stabilization for your customer's favorite color? We do color matching as well.

Considering Silicone for Your Next Project?

Will your application be exposed to high temperature? No problem. Need an application for an electrical component? Come see us. Need color stabilization for your customer’s favorite color? We do color matching as well.

Recent breakthroughs at Lauren make premium grade silicone more economical for many applications. We have long term experience extruding silicone and applying adhesives on silicone for applications in a number of industries including architectural, construction, electrical components, medical and high-end weather stripping.

The performance characteristics and material attributes, which make silicone attractive for these high-end applications, are also sought after in more price sensitive products such as glazing seals, cases and more typical seal applications. Lauren’s advancements in material and processing may bring silicone within your price targets now, more than ever before.

Economic Snapshot of Lauren Manufacturing

According to recent publications, business at manufacturers from plastic companies to lumberyards plummeted to the lowest level in 26 years in October. With rubber falling somewhere between the plastic and wood, it would be a safe assumption polymer production is on the decline as well, right?

However, that’s not exactly the case here at Lauren Manufacturing. Despite all the economic turmoil, we remain strong and continue to grow even as others exit the marketplace. We have technical experts, diverse materials and process innovations that add value to your products in this highly competitive market. Contact us with questions on how we can bring added vitality to your business.

We provide innovative solutions and high-quality products for a wide variety of markets. With major markets like automotive and construction slowing, we have dedicated ourselves to discovering new markets where our products and services can be used, such as solar and wind energy, waste-water management and fuel-cell technology. Lauren has continued to add talent to its workforce when necessary, while continuing to focus on quality, continuous improvement and diversification. Lauren Manufacturing rests under the umbrella of a financially sound parent company and is here to service your long term needs.

Lauren is your single source for high-tech, custom and standard molded and extruded polymer solutions and gaskets that meet the highest industry standards and help reduce your overall cost.

Lauren Mfg Introduces iDea Seal to Door and Window Manufacturers

Lauren Manufacturing’s new iDea Seal showcases technology that offers outstanding “Innovative Design Engineered Applications”. The iDea Seal’s co-polymer design will benefit window and door manufacturers through reduced labor and manufacturing costs while providing a superior seal. These benefits are a result of the seal’s rigid base which allows for easy channel installation during assembly and the EPDM bulb, offered in dense or sponge, which provides outstanding sealing properties including excellent compression set, abrasion resistance and a broad temperature range.

Lauren Manufacturing is a full service extruder and molder of organic, silicone and specialty polymer products. With more than forty years of polymer seal and gasket experience, Lauren Mfg is well qualified as your single, integrated source for high-tech molded and extruded polymer solutions and coatings. Multiple industries have come to count on Lauren Mfg for the highest-quality standards in molded parts, as well as custom and standard extrusions. 

Lauren Receives ISO-14001 Re-Certification

Lauren Manufacturing recently received a re-certification for its ISO 14001 environmental standard. The Environmental Management Standard includes compliance with the law and encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices to all business decisions. ISO 14001 focuses on waste reduction, compliance with regulations and continuous improvement.

“This re-certification reaffirms Lauren Manufacturing’s commitment to workplace safety, protecting natural resources and the local and global environment”, said Lauren’s Environmental Management Rep, Tina Loibl.

“Our overall efforts in safety training, operations and planning have created a more eco-friendly environment for our associates”, said Wayne Burley, Lauren’s Safety Manager.


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