Lauren Manufacturing Smart Solutions: August 2008

When it comes to meeting specific end-application needs, Lauren Manufacturing leads the industry in developing innovative materials for customers as well as entire industries.

New Energy-Saving Solution for Weather-Stripping Applications

When it comes to meeting specific end-application needs, Lauren Manufacturing leads the industry in developing innovative materials for customers as well as entire industries.

Problem: A customer in the building and construction industry needed a new energy-saving seal for garage door applications.

Solution: Within 30 days, Lauren Manufacturing developed a new higher density sponge material as a weather-stripping option for applications where a firmer material is needed. The new, firmer material, which is applied to the garage door where it meets the floor, is available in black and white and offers an energy-saving solution to customers in a number of industries in addition to the building and construction market.

“Now that this material has been developed, we have been able to incorporate it into a number of other profiles and applications that require a firmer sponge,” said Sheryl Ashleman, Market Manager for the Building and Construction market unit. “This allows us to offer our customers another option when they come to us for our weather-stripping solutions.”

Lauren Develops New Cost-Effective Compounds

As a cost-effective alternative for customers, Lauren Manufacturing is developing new low-density compounds suitable for applications in a variety of markets where compression set is not critical.

Problem: Customers have challenged Lauren to provide cost savings.

Solution: Lauren recently developed two new low-density compounds as part of an ongoing compound development process to help alleviate price increases for customers. Beginning with existing applications that can be replaced by lower-density compounds, Lauren will continue expanding its portfolio with additional solutions that achieve the physical properties customers need at reduced costs.

The low-density compounds currently in development are general purpose sponges recommended for large profiles due to their high expansion rate and are compatible with pressure-sensitive adhesive or heat-activated tape lamination.

Lauren Initiatives: 'the Wellness Factor'

As a problem solver, Lauren Manufacturing constantly looks for opportunities to improve processes, products and services in order to exceed its customers' expectations and meet every challenge with a solution. You may not know we also apply this principle to employees who care for and serve our customers.

From 'the Biggest Loser' weight loss challenge and walking contests to onsite services and screenings, Lauren Manufacturing encourages health and wellness initiatives for its employees on and off the job. The success our employees have in adopting healthy lifestyles directly impacts their well-being and performance, which helps strengthen relationships with coworkers and improves productivity and overall moral.

Internal programs work to inspire employees to manage their own health and empower them to reduce health risks through preventative measures, like scheduling regular check-ups, participating in self-checks and taking advantage of employee Health Risk Assessments to identify and treat medical conditions early. Improved employee health translates to better service and better production for you, our customers.

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