The benefits of a dual durometer silicone seal

Continually focused on innovation and customer satisfaction, Lauren Manufacturing has developed an exclusive silicone dual durometer extrusion, a sealing solution suitable for multiple applications.

Lauren Manufacturing has developed a dual-durometer silicone seal that optimizes installation and compression for a variety of applications.

As a trusted supplier to the fenestration industry, Lauren was asked to design the seal for a commercial door application from a well-known window and door company.  

This company requested a seal that could slide into a channel, while also possessing great compression properties, durability, weatherability and high temperature resistance.

Lauren’s Innovative Design

Lauren’s R&D team recommended silicone as the best material option, while Lauren’s application engineers worked on a dual-durometer design that would improve installation and durability. 

Our in-house mixing facility ensures total quality control of our silicone seal development and improves the speed-to-market of new designs.

A dual-durometer silicone seal designed specifically for your application offers many benefits.

Learn more about silicone specifications or read how we developed a custom sponge-silicone seal for the automotive market.


Dual Durometer Silicone Seal

Lauren provides a variety of silicone seals with full color-matching capabilities.

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