Lauren International Reports to the Community

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio -- Lauren International, Inc., New Philadelphia, Ohio, has published a 2013 Progress Report to the Community to update the community on Lauren's reinvestment in technologies, innovations and additions to the corporate portfolio introduced this year to serve new markets worldwide.

In the report, Lauren International CEO Kevin Gray outlines business unit additions and provides a summary outlook for existing businesses. He also introduces a new business recently added to manufacture and market a high-technology line of lighting products.

According to Gray, “Lauren International is now organized around seven independent businesses that serve diverse functions in business, industrial and consumer markets. Existing and new businesses offer significant opportunities for growth, both in terms of revenues and jobs. As we broaden our corporate profile, we are now taking advantage of improving global markets, better economies of scale within the Lauren facility platform, enhanced productivity in our New Philadelphia and Cambridge factories and a more seamless internal transfer of technologies and ideas from our thought leaders within the Lauren Innovations group.”

Gray adds that Lauren is committed to keeping area residents informed about the corporate architecture and incremental progress of Lauren businesses. In particular, he points out how Lauren’s growing corporate footprint leads to benefits in optimizing stability amid market fluctuations, converting global opportunities to sales and acquisition of emerging technologies. Gray underscores Lauren’s commitment to measured growth by saying, “We will move forward despite uncertainties and ambiguities associated with mounting federal regulations in healthcare and other workforce issues.

Lauren Illumination

The newest addition to the Lauren International portfolio is Lauren Illumination, New Philadelphia. With the help of its suppliers, Lauren Illumination has developed a new series of high-technology lighting products marketed under the TILT

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