The Difference

Delivering Value

Lauren doesn’t simply supply custom seals, gaskets and parts.  We work with you to solve problems.

As a family of companies united under the Lauren International brand, our knowledge covers every aspect of developing a sealing solution, from chemical engineering to final processing.

We offer the scale to serve the biggest names in the industry and the flexibility to make your unique vision a reality.

What sets us apart
  • Speed-to-Market
  • Integrated Capabilities
  • Design Engineering
  • Total Quality Control

Material Science

Rely on our expertise in thermoset and thermoplastic materials.

Lauren provides a wide range of rubber and plastic seal and gasket materials. We achieve high quality and fast turnaround through our in-house mixing capabilities and a partnership with sister company LMI Custom Mixing.

Our research and development department includes a full physical testing laboratory to ensure compounds are developed to meet customer needs. The result is seals and gaskets that offer long-term performance under the conditions of your application.

Learn more about customizing a compound for your seal or gasket. 

Design Expertise

Optimize the fit, form and function of your seals and gaskets through the experience of our engineers. 

From chemical formulation to quality assurance, Lauren’s engineers work directly with customers to develop solutions. Application and mechanical engineers design profiles and tailor equipment based on your needs. Our team of process engineers work on continually improving manufacturing efficiency. Learn more about the process to optimize seal and gasket design.

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No matter your vision, we find ways to make it a reality.

Lauren provides extensive options in plastic and rubber sealing solutions. We have the capability to produce both extruded seals and molded seals. You can further optimize your design through a wide range of value-added processes. We have more than 50 years serving a variety of markets. Through our global reach and vertically-integrated supply chain, we improve speed-to-market and deliver superior quality control. Learn more about improving your supply of custom seals and gaskets.

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