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We solve problems.

Whether you’re improving an existing application, developing a new part or exploring ways to strengthen your supply chain, Lauren provides a wide range of possibilities.

This can include everything from custom compounding and material selection to part design and process engineering.

Our Design Guide will equip you with basic information needed to create effective extruded and molded polymer products.  To explore our company and capabilities, download our Corporate Overview.    

Keep reading to see some of the unique ways Lauren can bring value to your next project.




More Resources, One Source

Lauren solves problems through a diverse mix of manufacturing capabilities. This includes extruded and molded processes for both rubber and plastic.

At our facilities in Ohio and Michigan, we tailor our operations to meet your project’s demands. With additional support from our global supply network, you’ll have the tools needed for effective part design.

This is what allows Lauren to be a single-source supply partner for a variety of complex applications.


Unique Material Capabilities

Lauren’s close relationship with sister company LMI Custom Mixing strengthens our material selection process.

With access to an advanced polymer mixing facility, Lauren provides a powerful research & development program, faster turnaround times and total quality control. Each of these benefits are extended by Lauren’s in-house silicone mixing capabilities.

From material performance to compatibility to aesthetics, we have the expertise to meet your toughest challenges.

Engineering Support

By serving diverse markets, we can bring a wide range of knowledge to your project. At the same time, we build our processes around meeting the specific needs of individual industries.

The result is that our engineers understand the the end-use requirements of your application while applying the best tools and techniques from our breadth of experience.

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