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Lauren International

Lauren International, Ltd. serves as the parent company of 5 subsidiaries.

Its goal to bring the latest innovations to each company’s respective industry using the most advanced technology. Visit Lauren International.

Lauren International Companies

With the support and guidance of Lauren International, each of these divisions focuses on researching the trends and changes in markets around the globe.

As they realize opportunities in markets, Lauren International companies develop products and processes that solve a problem, satisfy a need, or, as has been the case many times, revolutionize an industry with the introduction of a new product.


Lauren International fosters a corporate culture of open communication and creative innovation throughout its entire organization. Lauren International encourages each subsidiary and individual to embrace change for the sake of creative solutions.

Lauren International’s goal is to provide its customers with innovative solutions that reduce cost and improve their bottom line. As a horizontally integrated company, we already have a firm lead on the competition. However, to ensure we always perform to our own high standards, Lauren International continually reinvests in research and technology that enables our subsidiaries to develop solutions for the problems of tomorrow. To learn more about Lauren International, Ltd., visit www.laureninternational.com


At Lauren International, our Mission transcends our business. It is a philosophy we live every day – to responsibly and profitably deliver unparalleled value to customers around the world. In today’s accelerated marketplace, delivering customer value is more than delivering quality products. It means contributing to our customers’ performance, enabling them to be more competitive, more innovative and more vital to their customers.


Lauren International companies will be dynamic providers of superior products, services, and solutions in a diverse spectrum of markets.


Lauren International is committed to conducting our businesses in an environmentally responsible, energy efficient and proactive manner, consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.


Lauren International Values
  • Horizontal Perspective
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence


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