An Opportunity That Can't Be Licked

New Philadelphia, Ohio (December 18, 2009) Anti Lick Strip Pro® and Anti Lick Strip Pro C® pet bandages offer veterinarians a new, clinically proven alternative for deterring patients from obsessive licking, biting or chewing of wounds, skin conditions, injuries, granulomas and post-surgical sites. And now, with the introduction of the Anti-Lick Strip Vet Kit, veterinarians also have a new opportunity to generate greater sales and profits.

Nurtured Pets®, a company focused on health and wellness products for pets, recently introduced a unique, revolutionary line of pet bandages: Anti-Lick Strip Prevent®, now available over the counter in pet specialty stores, and Anti-Lick Strip Pro® and Anti-Lick Strip Pro C® in 96-inch rolls, sold exclusively for veterinary in-clinic use. The Pro C has a more aggressive adhesive so it sticks better to casts and vet wraps.

What makes these bandages so effective is that they're constructed with all-natural, active outfacing ingredients

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