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Through every step of the manufacturing process, we apply the diverse knowledge of our engineers to provide customized solutions.

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Seal and Gasket Design Guide

Vehicle and Transportation
Industrial and Consumer Goods
Building and Construction
    Push-pin seals for automotive applications
    A parts manufacturer requested a new seal design to help eliminate under-hood noise. The seal was vitally important to the engine cooling system, which helps regulate the engine temperature and ensures optimum performance.
    The benefits of a dual-durometer silicone
    For a commercial door application, a company requested a seal that could slide into a channel, while also possessing great compression properties, durability, weatherability and high temperature resistance.
    Precision marking improves seal installation
    A system uses cameras and lasers for the application of a pink dot on the center of each seal to aid a major appliance maker with installation.
    EPDM door seal eliminates water wicking
    The EPDM sponge material is closed cell and will not absorb or wick water.
    Silicone seal optimized for heat, compression
    To prevent water penetration between a headlight housing cap and the body, the customer explored both EPDM and silicone options.  The company ultimately selected a sponge-silicone specifically formulated for the application by Lauren’s R&D team.
    Meeting expectations for curtain wall gaskets
    How we optimize curtain wall gaskets for silicone compatibility, installation and aesthetics.
    Featured Solution: Silicone teardrop weatherstripping
    The teardrop seal is backed with acrylic adhesive allowing it to be applied with ease.
    How we optimized an EPDM solar mounting pad
    Lauren's roof mount pad was designed completely out of EPDM, due to its excellent UV ozone and weathering properties. Our engineers determined the proper combination of EPDM sponge and dense material needed for anti-slip properties and durability.
  • Low-deflection epdm rubber
    A soft EPDM that responds better to compression
    This closed-cell EPDM improves upon the appearance and performance of similar materials. While initially designed to improve an automotive door skin, this material could enhance sealing performance in industries such as HVAC, containers, construction and other markets where excellent compression, weathering and aesthetic qualities are required.
    FEA technology improves appliance gasket design
    When a customer requested a more robust seal for long-term use and easier installation on commercial laundry machines, Lauren engineers used FEA software to begin and review trials.
    Plastic extrusion added for faster gasket assembly
    Rather than adhesives, a dual-durometer plastic extrusion was used to more efficiently attach a silicone gasket to a component. By using a mechanical connection, the manufacturer was able to take advantage of silicone's performance properties.
    Designing a complex curtain wall gasket
    A molded silicone gasket fitted with plastic extrusions seals multiple corners while meeting architechtural design specifications.
    Plastic extrusion enhances EPDM seal
    A plastic extrusion adds rigidity to the base of the seal, allowing it to be easily inserted into a channel or kerf.

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